Dark Moon Magic

The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to the following blog post.  I found it to be a really nice Dark Moon Spell to find balance in your life.  You can read the article at the following link:


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A Thought for Today


Remember you are an important and unique person. That you should treat yourself as you do others or even better. Give yourself a special treat once a week or as often as you can afford to.

My special treat to me is to have my nails done at least every other week. I work two jobs to help make ends meet, help with household chores and my two wonderful familiars besides watching two of my grandsons before work on Tuesday. So I figure I deserve some pampering. It has taken me a long time to be able to say that without feeling guilty and to forgive myself for spending money on me that might be needed elsewhere. I am a work in progress just like everyone else and learn daily to love myself a little more.

Have a wonderful rest of the week dear ones. Blessed be.

Don’t Ignore These Energy Shifts Symptoms! Here’s Why…..

The Cosmic Cookie Trail stepped forward today.  I have been feeling the energy changing…as if something big was coming.  I started doing some research to see what was up and I was led to the following blog post.  I have read some of this information before but needed the refresher.




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Feeling Stuck?

The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to the following blog post today:


The blog post tells how the crystal Dioptase can help when you are feeling stuck…it brings up whether it is a past life karmic issue that is stopping your forward movement.  Here is some of the information from the blog post:

“It helps you to live in the moment and at the same time activates past life memories. By using this awareness of the past, you can release the karma from past lives that is holding you back.”

If you have pain in your feet, legs, or hips (all related to moving forward) you may want to check out this crystal to help you in your spiritual journey!

May the Cosmic Cookie Trail help you with your own spiritual journey of discovery!

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