Decisions, decisions…

Pray for our sister and her daughter that the court system sees she is the right parent to raise her daughter, please.

Blackbirds At Night

I haven’t posted anything in quite some time. It isn’t because I don’t want to write, it’s because I must be extremely careful about what I post these days. Unfortunately, my soon-to-be-ex has decided to go the “ugly” route with our divorce and custody. Some months back, he threatened to use my spiritual path against me and paint me as a crazy loon who is deluded by a cult. (I nearly laughed in his face.) Yes, I belong to a local Heathen group. No, Heathenry is not a cult. Yes, I have our group leader and the state’s Troth steward who can attest that what we do is not a damn cult. He’s just trying to frighten me into accepting his terms in the divorce, which are unreasonable.

However, to a judge in the Bible Belt, I just may very well look crazy. Yes, I talk to Gods. Yes, I…

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4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

    1. Unfortunately, many people still think of us as we have been stereotyped over centuries as being in league with Satan. Which to me is very funny as we walk in the light and do not believe in the Christian stereotype of Satan. I have found most prejudice towards The Craft and The Old Ways is because people fear what they do not understand and are either too lazy to find out about our path and/or”brainwashed” through mass media and/or their religion that we are evil people who only do nasty things to others. That’s why I have been far out of the “broom closet” for decades trying to show people us Witches/Pagans are just ordinary people and have a spiritual life just like everyone else.


      1. Thank you Lady Beltane for your reply. I respect your bravery and your desire to show people that our beliefs are ours and that to show people takes real courage, especially these days where prejudice and hatred run among us. With Love and Light, Steven (Ocean Star).

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