A Thought for Today


7 19 2016 221

This is a necklace I wear almost daily, sorry the picture is so bad. From left to right the charms are the birthstones for my parents (the hearts), my children (the sliver people), grandchildren (the gold people) and the son that crossed into the Summerlands as a newborn (the Angel). Not all of my immediate family approves of my choice in spirituality but it does not make them love me any less nor I them. Instead of getting into heated discussions about who’s God  or in my case Goddess is the right one we just avoid talking about religion. This might not seem like a good way to handle our differences (we have had very heated discussion in the past about religion) but in the long run, it keeps harmony among us when we are all together. Plus I Still get invited to my younger daughter’s children’s church functions like the Children’s Christmas Show (BTW-It is the same Christian religion I was brought up in by my parents).

So my advice to you is to find your own way of handling the topic of being a Witch and/or Pagan that works within your own family.

Blessed be dear ones.


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