Through The Doorway 

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“Pathworking – sometimes called journeying, inner plane work or vision questing – is a form of meditation used a lot in shamanic practice. It is a structured meditation with a purpose to it, a guided journey into your inner world or into other planes, such as into the Land of Fae.

This type of journeying allows us to stretch ourselves, to dip into our inner power, to connect with divinity, to aid us in decision making, to seek past lives and to connect with messengers and guides. ” ( The previous 2 paragraphs are from, Grimore of a Kitchen Witch: An Essential Guide To Witchcraft ; by Rachel Patterson.

( I highly recommend this book, it is full of years of knowledge and practical wisdom for the everyday Witch.)

  When entering through the doorway to a vision quest there are a few things to remember. 
1 Create a protected circle around you.

2 Always ask permission to enter from the Guardians or Gate Keepers.

3 Remember your manners, please, thank you and don’t interupt when someone or something is talking to you. 

If you meet anyone on your pathworking, wether it is a human, a deity, a fae, an animal, whatever, please be polite and respectful. Don’t touch any animal or being without asking first. These beings work on a different plane, you don’t want to upset them. 

4 Have fun. This is a time to seek answers, obtain guidance and get to know your Spirit Guides. They care and really want to get to know you. For everything has a spirit, all manner of animals, rocks, trees, plants and  even the sky, if you listen quietly they will show you wonderous visions. 

5 You might want to leave an offering at the gate before leaving to return home. Go back through the gateway slowly, coming back gently and ground yourself afterwards. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

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