In her memory

image Our sweet little Burmese Maya passed away into the summer lands today. May she rest in peace. May the Goddess look over her . She will be greatly missed.





15 thoughts on “In her memory

  1. Lady Beltane,
    I’m so sorry to hear that Maya has transitioned to the Summerlands!💖💖💖 Years ago I had 2 Siamese cats and still miss them immensely and that was over 20 years ago now. I’ve written a short Ode that just came to me to dedicate to Maya. Truly these are not my words but are from spirit.

    ODE TO MAYA🐾🐾🐾
    Always remember when you feel her whiskers wisk pass you, it’s her,
    When you’re sure that you can smell her fur, she is really there with you,
    When you hear purring in the distance, it’s her letting you know she’s content,
    When you feel her presence curling up around you when your half asleep, it’s her in spirit,
    Maya is still here & there, with love, caring and eternal trust within the care of the Goddess, she is still filled with love for you.❤️❤️❤️

    Blessings & love,

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  2. Thank you so much CazWytch. Your word are truly beautiful. It’s been a week since she passed and my heart still hurts. I really feel that she is still around so much so that I mistake her for my beautiful little boy who is still with us. I know it takes time but when love is so strong human or animal it is surely missed when it is gone.
    Once again your words are bringing a tear to my eye and bless you my dear sister for thinking of me.
    Bright blessings Hypatia

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  3. Dear Hypatia,

    I’m sorry about mixing you up with Lady Beltane.

    However I’m glad you liked my writing for Maya. I just felt literally inspired to write this after I looked at Maya’s photo for ages.
    I know how hard it is when we lose our fur babies but we can never replace them as their all individual like us aren’t they!

    Also if you feel she is still around then she probably is. Quite often for many years occasionally I would see one of my deceased pets. Then eventually at around approximately 5-10 years they seem to disappear and I never see or feel their presence again. Now there’s many beliefs about all of that of course so I won’t start up a debate right now.

    I’m glad that you like what I wrote because at first I was afraid to write much at all. Sometimes Spirit has a way of guiding us to do the right thing and literally put the words in my head for Maya.

    Blessings & love my dear Sister,😻😻😻

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