The 4th of July is just another pagan/satanic celebration veiled as a national holiday/celebration

Washington D.C. was aligned to certain stars and on July 4th, Sirius aligns with the Washington Monument (Egyptian phallus/Asherah poles)

1Kgs 14:15 (NET) The LORD will attack Israel, making it like a reed that sways in the water. He will remove Israel from this good land he gave to their ancestors and scatter them beyond the Euphrates River, because they angered the LORD by making Asherah poles.

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A Blessing for the USA

Even though the United States of America has its ups and downs, I am proud to have been born, raised and live in this country.

Mother Earth and Father Sky I ask that you bless the people of the USA with tolerance for all who live upon its land.

I ask the Gods and Goddesses to remind the people of this country that the land and all it gives us is a blessing not to be wasted by humans destroying the very land we live on or others living here.

I pray that we can give shelter to those in need and to help our country be a strong nation under your protection for centuries to come.

I thank those that have given their lives for our freedom and way of life. That we not let their and their families sacrifices be in vain.

So mote it be.

I ask that you all join me in a moment of silence to remember the fallen and to give thanks for all we have been given. We are truly a nation that is one under whatever Gods, Goddesses or whatever higher power you believe in. Let us begin the healing by reaching out to someone different than ourself with love and understanding.

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