A Thought for Today

The reason I have been doing a series of posts on many of the different Witch hunts throughout history is because I want us all to remember we could not be as free to express and show others our chosen path if not for those who gave their lives whether they be real witches or not. They should be looked upon and remembered with respect and reverance. Please remember to give thanks for them while enjoying your freedom to choose your Witch and/or Pagan path without having to hide it. Please take a minute of silence remembrance today for them. Thank you.

I will be looking for and posting more about this topic as I come across things.

Blessed be dear ones.


2 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. I’m grateful for the men, women and children that have died in the historical past, accused of witchery, debatchery and having been “dancing with the devil”. These persons have allowed me to be able to see mine path and understand who I am within. It’s more than words, magic or spells, it’s a linage that keeps me whole and strong with the blood that was spilled so that I may have what I do now.


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