Different Traditions of Witchcraft

In the Pagan community, there are a number of different spiritual traditions that fall under the different headings of Wiccan, NeoWiccan or Pagan. However, many simply identify as traditions of witchcraft, within the Wiccan framework. Here are some of the most commonly discussed groups that you may find as you meet people of different Wiccan or Neowiccan traditions. There are different types and styles of witchcraft traditions — some may be right for you, and others not so much. Learn about the variations in spiritual paths even among Wiccans and NeoWiccans — some of the differences may surprise you!

Alexandrian Wicca

Founded by Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine, Alexandrian Wicca became a popular tradition during the resurgence of modern Paganism. Heavily influenced by Gardner and his tradition, Alexandrian Wicca uses a degree system and has ties to ceremonial magic systems. This is a tradition which focuses on the polarity between the genders, and rites and ceremonies often dedicate equal time to the God and the Goddess. Although members are initiated, there is no laity; every individual is a priest or priestess. More »

For the rest of this informative article by Patti Wigington please click on this link: http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/wiccantraditions/tp/WiccanTrads.htm


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