The Charge of the Goddess


Blessed be, and blessed are,The lovers of the Lady.
Blessed be, and blessed are,
The Mother, Maiden, Crone.
Blessed be, and blessed are,
The ones who dance together.
Blessed be, and blessed are,
The ones who dance alone.
She’s been waiting, waiting.
She’s been waiting so long.
She’s been waiting for her children
To remember, to return.

The Charge of the Goddess is attributed to Doreen Valiente, a student of Gerarld Gardner. The poem, originally found in the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, is now loved by all wiccans as a statement of reverence for the Goddess and Nature. Valiente used materials from the Gospel of Aradia by Charles Leland (1901), and Aleister Crowley’s writings to compose the piece and it is commonly used to invoke the “Goddess” during Esbats and Sabbats. Other authors, such as Starhawk, have edited and added to the original Charge so you will see many different versions out there. Some contain all the original with added Starhawk material and some are just plain Valiente. Below I have a copy of the Starhawk adapted version melded with the original. Some Wiccans write their own Charge for ritual use whereas others choose to use a form of this Charge.

To read Starhawk’s material and Valiente please click on this link

One thought on “The Charge of the Goddess

  1. Thank you Lady Beltane. I always love to hear “The Charge of the Goddess”. I love her as I will always be with her all my life.

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