A Healer’s Hands

The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to a blog post that shares how reading your palm can help you to understand what is the difference between a Healer, Shaman, or Spiritual Teacher and which is a part of your life purpose.  I found it to be very interesting!  You can read the blog post at the following link:


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5 thoughts on “A Healer’s Hands

  1. Wolf Woman, I found this article to be revealing! I learned that what I am doing is in line with the Spiritual Teacher. I am helping students with problems in math to discover they can really do it if they try. Also I would love to walk the Shamans Path. Sounds like I am capable. Many Blessings to you!

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  2. After taking more time to read the article thoroughly I find I can fit into all the categories that are talked about. I guess this confirms for me that I am a well rounded Witch and Pagan.


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