Coral and the Cosmic Cookie Trail

Sometimes something just comes into my awareness enough that I need to pay attention and do some research!  The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to Coral today.  One of my friend’s on Facebook posted a really nice photo of the two Coral pieces she was making into jewelry.  Continuing on the Cosmic Cookie Trail it next led me to another friend and her post.  She posted a photo of herself wearing a Coral top and how much she liked it. Now stay with me here….I read these two posts one right after the other!  The synchronicity of it was too much to ignore.  I decided to do a little research and came upon this blog post listing the metaphysical properties of Coral.  You can read the blog post at the following link:

May your journey on the Cosmic Cookie Trail lead you to what you need to learn at this time.

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Mediumship Abilities

My Dream Walks of late have been taking me to a protected safe space I was shown by Isis where I may receive messages from the dearly departed.  It has been an ongoing process to learn about my gift of mediumship.  The Cosmic Cookie Trail took me to the following website today and I found it very helpful.

A couple of things I have learned is to be protected during the session, and allowing only one Spirit in at a time has been paramount as well!

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