SunRay Sorceress’s Musings

Quick update on Weather Overload
I used sandalwood incense to clear the air in my home. Sandalwood is wonderful for clearing negativity or as in my case, chaos. After announcing a simple chant of, Only peace and love may dwell in this place, in every room of my home, I meditated and spoke to my Spirit Guides asking, what should I do and which direction should I take? I ask this because I have recently discovered that my path is the path of the Sea Witch and my Guides have provided different web sites to help me research this path further.
My Spirit Guides said, “The next steps you take are up to you. ” I was slightly confused. Then they said, “You are not a robot or an idiot, you can decide for yourself what you want to learn and how you need to get what you desire.”
In other words, grow a spine and think for yourself.. (That part was my translation. ) We (Your Spirit Guides) will be here to assist when the need arises but I will and I must stand tall and think for myself now.
Brightest Blessings Sister and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress


5 thoughts on “SunRay Sorceress’s Musings

  1. Thank you SunRay! I have to grow a stronger Spine myself! 🙂
    I wish you well on your path.

    P.S. When I click on the Notifys at the bottom of Post Comment, I get that Firefox does not trust your site. Is there a better browser for your site?

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  2. Steven (Ocean Star) I think I fixed the problem with the untrustworthy site. Please comment back and let me know if everything is good on your end. If it still not safe let me know and I’ll go through chrome or some other.
    Brightest Blessings Brother, 🌞
    SunRay Sorceress.


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