5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Ostara


In many cultures and societies, the egg is considered the perfect magical symbol. It is, after all, representative of new life – in fact, it is the life cycle personified. Decorate colored eggs to place around your home, place a bowl or basket of them on your altar, and include them in your Imbolc meal plans!

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Spring Flowers

For hundreds of years, the plants that we grow have been used in magic. Flowers in particular are often connected with a variety of magical uses. Grow them in your garden each spring by planting bulbs in the fall, and you’ll have fragrant, lovely blooms to cut and bring indoors. You can also pot some seedlings, and keep them around as a daily reminder of the beginning phases of the life cycle. Use them on your altar, or just put cuttings in jars and vases around your house. You can also hang them to dry, and then use them in spellwork all year long!

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Bunnies, Chicks and Lambs

It’s spring, which means that the animal kingdom is bouncing along, full speed ahead. Rabbits are everywhere this time of year, and newborn bunnies might appear in your garden on any given day. Chicks are popping out of their eggs, and on the farms, the lambing season has begun. It’s a time of new life and rebirth, so celebrate by decorating your home with symbols of our animal friends. More »

Colors of the Season

Traditionally, there are a number of colors associated with the Ostara season. In many magical traditions, this is a time of soft pastel shades – pale blues and purples, light yellows, and pinks. Think about the things these colors can represent to you. A light green is reminiscent of the beginnings of new life in the earth, as the winter begins to wane. Pinks and yellows remind us of the bright crocuses, daffodils, forsythia and hyacinths that are blooming as the spring moves in. Use pastel cloths to drape your altar, and light colored candles around your home. More »

Symbols of Balance

Ostara, like Mabon, is a time of balance. There are equal hours of darkness and light on the equinoxes, so symbols of this polarity can be incorporated into your decorations. Use a god and goddess statue, a white candle and a black one, a sun and moon, or even a yin/yang symbol. If you’ve got a set of hanging scales, drag those out, add some eggs to it, and cover it with spring flowers and ivy as a centerpiece!

For many people, this sense of balance makes Ostara a good time to focus on meditative exercise, so try one of these if you’re feeling off-kilter right now:

For more ideas for Ostara and Spring Equinox go to this link in the articale by Patti Wigington on ABout.com: http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/ostaracrafts/tp/5-Easy-Decorating-Ideas-for-Ostara.htm?utm_content=20160315&utm_medium=email&utm_source=exp_nl&utm_campaign=list_paganwiccan&utm_term=list_paganwiccan

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