Fairy Witchcraft Book List

As the world turns a little warmer and to spring, we are more in tune to the Fae. I feel that there is a close connection between the Fae world and Witchcraft.
This is a wonderful article with book recommendations on the Fae Craft.
Bright Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress


4 thoughts on “Fairy Witchcraft Book List

  1. You can do a special ritual on Beltane Eve, April 30th, to invite the Fea into your life. But be careful as some of them are mischievous and will hide items on you or can cause minor destruction in your home or yard. They also like to tease animals, especially cats.I have a small Fea hill in my backyard by my vegetable garden (that does better than everyone else’s in the neighborhood and I’m the only one that grows organically) Almost monthly warm or cold I leave them a bit of ginger, butter and sweet milk (milk with some honey in it). I also try to make Fairy Cake for them on Beltane Eve. This year since I will be gone then I will do it before I leave on my trip. The recipe for Fairy Cakes is somewhere here on the site use the “search box” to find it.

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    1. Yes and a relationship with the Fae is wonderful but is not to be taken lightly. They help me when I go into the trees to lighten and give a different perspective to troubles. But they expect their sweet offerings seriously. 😍

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