The Path of the Earth Witch

Many Witches have an inate desire to connect with a certain type of Witches path. Here we’ll post different types of paths from Lady Of The Abyss and you can trust your own Spirit to connect you with a particular path.

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3 thoughts on “The Path of the Earth Witch

    1. Steven I just read a fantastic article called The Path Of A Water Witch by Lady of the Abyss-Witches of the Craft. It’s contents is written in the (female) but it can be related to both female and male, because I believe our Spirits are both male and female.


    2. I’m also reading a book called Traditional Witchcraft For The Seashore by Melusine Draco
      This book has a lot of great practical information, but must be read with a grain of salt… She doesn’t see the Moon as a Goddess form but sees it as, A big rock. I don’t agree with everything but I like her energy. I also like how she presents the ocean and water in a very Magickal way. I hope that helps Steven. Maybe we can get others to interject their thoughts on this area.


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