Moon Time and Moon Pause

I was reading an article today located at the following link:

It got me to thinking how many times women do not prepare themselves properly for their Moon Pause and beyond.  I liked that the author collected items along her path to prepare herself to be ready to walk into her Wisdom Years.


Jumping the broom


When I jumped the broom at my own Crone Ceremony at Pagan Spirit Gathering two years ago….there were some that were in their Moon Pause time and yet not ready to cross into Wisdom Years so they did not continue with our teachings.

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One thought on “Moon Time and Moon Pause

  1. I jumped the broom into my Croning 14 years ago and entered into one of the best times of my life. Now that my mom is gone I’ve had to take on the roll of matriarch of my family. Something I was not ready for yet. Thankfully my mom is guiding into the role. I just hope one day I am as wise as she was.


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