Decaf Wake Up Spell

I am a person that cannot drink caffeinated coffee, soft drinks or tea because they trigger migraines. As I drank regular beverages for years trying to wake up drinking decaf coffee didn’t really do it for me. Hence being a witch I put a spell on the decaf to wake me up like regular but without all the side effects like shaking from too much caffeine or not being able to fall asleep at a decent hour.

Items Needed:

Decaf coffee – however much you want to make at a time

Wooden Spoon

Stirring three times clockwise each time the spoon goes around say “I stir you to awaken me.”

Stirring three times counter-clockwise each time the spoon goes around say, “I no longer feel tired.”

At the end say, “As I will it, so mote it be.” Or however you end your spells.

Copyright 2011 Lady Beltane

3 thoughts on “Decaf Wake Up Spell

  1. I’m going to copy this to my Book Of Spells. Somtimes it’s easy to forget that there are other people that cannot consume certain products. As for me, I cannot do spells and potions that contain alcohol as I am a recovering alcoholic (September 2008- I’m proud to say) and will not have it in my house.
    Best Blessings, SunRay Sorceress 🌞

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  2. This is by no means a spell, but a simple trick I learned from all the Coffee Tastings I’ve done over the years. The first rule of doing a ‘proper’ one is by smelling the coffee with an almost meditative reverence. You breathe it in and out almost like you’re smelling a bit of home into you, and almost sighing on the exhale (hope that makes sense). If done correctly you can absorb caffeine up the nose and straight to the brain. That way I found I didn’t need to drink the whole cup of coffee. Always woke me up and gave me a buzz for a lil while, hehe.


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