Prayer for a Lost Soul

I just found out that a friend of mine made some choices that don’t appear to be the best he could have made.   I opened up my email and found this Prayer for a Lost Soul.  Maybe you know someone that could use some help from the Lord and Lady.

Prayer for a Lost Soul

Great mother Goddess, Great father God,
[NAME] has lost [HIS/HER] way.
[HE/SHE] cannot find [HIS/HER] path.
Comfort [HIM/HER] today.

Take [HIS/HER] hand
And touch [HIS/HER] eyes
That [HE/SHE] may see
Through the tears [HE/SHE] cries.

[HE/SHE] feels alone,
Abandoned and small.
[HE/SHE] cannot feel
Your presence at all.

Wrap [HIM/HER] in Your loving arms,
And whisper that [HE/SHE] is not alone.
I ask this all of the Horned One,
And Maiden, Mother and Crone!

© Peace Whitehorse, 1-23-2016

I had told him I would light a candle for him to send him that which he needs to get through this patch in his life.  I will light that candle and recite this prayer for him.

© 2016 Wolf Woman Ways


2 thoughts on “Prayer for a Lost Soul

  1. Wolf Woman, Thank you soooo much for that prayer. I lost the love of my mother when I was a child. I found out from My Father that she did not want me when I was born. This was too much to hear.

    This was emphasized after My father’s death by my mother inviting me to thanks giving and afterwards she dragged me to the bank and had me sign all these papers I knew nothing about. I found that I signed my life away. After, I was ushered to my dad’s office and was confronted with at least 5 lawyers and a threat from my Mom that if I did not authorize my Mom taking over, then she would cut me off from my inheritance.. I need to find a way to walk away from this (which occurred in 2005, May).

    I apologize for sharing this—this is a large concern and it helped writing. Thank you for listening. A response is not expected.



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