Lady Beltane’s Dream Trip of a Lifetime

I will be gone from April 20 until May 15, 2016. Visiting my dearest spirit sister in Germany. I know this post seems to be way early but my plane takes off in only 76 days from today!

This is a trip I have dreamed of making since I was a child because my father’s side of my family tree still has relatives there.

I will be accepting Lessons from current novices while I am gone but will answer them as time permits. I will not be attending the Beltane coven gathering, April 30th, as there is a seven hours time difference unless i am up at 2:00 AM-Germany time..

I will try to do some posting while I am there and share some photos appropriate for the site. I know I am leaving Coven Life in the good and capeable hands of SunRay, Wolf Woman Ways, Loki’s Little Hippie Witch and Stregga. Whichever of them chose to lead the Beltane gathering I am sure you will all enjoy it and hopefully learn a new ritual.

I will miss you dear ones but at the same time, I will be learning new things to share with you. Blessed be.


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