How to get over a Soul Mate!

How to Get Over a SoulMate
I met my soulmate in 2013. One of the best experiences in my life, that led to the worst. If you’ve been through this you will understand what I’m talking about. It is frustrating, exhilarating, heart wrenching and enlightening. People will confuse you, tell you to “go for it!”, and others will say its doomed and to give up. Who do you believe? Your heart says you can’t let go, be absolutely loyal no matter what and you shouldn’t move on. You know you have unconditional love for them, and it is unique, not something you feel for everyone. You think to yourself, how many other people out there will treat them as well as you will? Your brain is telling you this is a massive waste of time and energy and everyone thinks your nuts. If your friends and family haven’t been through it they won’t understand, so you keep it to yourself. So which is it? Well, I’ve done a lot of work on myself, and after a while you will realize that your soulmate is not putting in the effort here, and they are not treating you the way you deserve. You wish you could get out of this sad cycle, but every time you try to they pop up in your mind again, like there is something left unfinished and you have this urge to do something about it. There can be many reasons why you are separated. Doesn’t really matter why, if you are reading this most likely you have been separated for a while and it feels like you can’t move on no matter how hard you try, and you feel alone while they are off in their own world. You can start the blame game; blame them, blame yourself. You weren’t pretty enough, you weren’t rich enough, you weren’t thin enough. But you look around and it seems other people think you are great, so what is wrong with your soulmate? Then you blame them. They are not spiritually awake yet, they are afraid to leave the person they are with, they were hurt in the past and afraid to love again, they don’t see a good thing when they have it, etc. Around and around you go, and what happens? When you are sick and tired of it, and you have gone through many release and cleansing rituals and still have no relief, here are a few helpful tips.

1. Replace them with someone better.
Someone gorgeous. Someone spectacular. Someone that beats them on every level. They treat you right, they can communicate well, and they love you and show it. Doesn’t have to be someone real, you can make them up. Now when your soulmate pops up in your mind, push them aside and replace them with this person. You will feel better. If you feel guilty remind yourself that your soulmate isn’t treating you right or they aren’t being faithful to you, so you have nothing to feel ashamed of. You have the right to feel better!
2. Find something enjoyable to do.
Go to the beach. Go to a restaurant. Talk to your friends. Watch a movie. Read a book. Take up a hobby. All good distractions. Whatever gets your mind off of them.
3. Get out of the house!
Sometimes we want to sit in our pity, and be left alone. We want to feel sorry for ourselves and feel like victims. You will just end up on that merry-go-round again of blame and depression. Get out of the house! Into the sun (look up Vitamin D and it’s positive effects on depression), go to the park, go to a little cafe, go to a bar and talk to someone. Most people are nice. Follow your feelings on this one. Water and nature in general is very harmonizing and will make you feel better. After you come home open up the windows, clean up, make it smell nice. Get that negative energy out of the house (sage and sweetgrass works too) and replace it with something positive. You will feel the difference.
4. Build yourself up.
Use positive affirmations and realize that you are worth it. There are many, many reasons why it didn’t work out with the soulmate, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never find anyone again. Once you KNOW you are worth it, get out there and meet people. Meet up groups or restaurants are good places. You don’t have to break hearts, but watch how people react to you, love is all around. Once I got out there I noticed a ton of people, both sexes, that found me incredibly attractive. I got asked out, was flirted with and it felt great. It validates all of that good stuff you are telling yourself. You feel good, it shows on the outside and people want to be closer to you.
5. They come to you, don’t try so hard.
This is using law of attraction. It works. Reverse your thinking that you have to try hard to find someone and it takes up so much time that you just don’t have because you are 30, 40, 50 etc. Instead, make up your mind that whatever you believe in (universe, God, angels, etc) will bring your next compatible connection TO YOU. Then follow your feelings. Feel like ice cream today? Go have some. Feel like going to that restaurant? Go and have a good time. Allow yourself to be approached, make eye contact and watch and observe. I think the instant I did this I had around 3 people approach me with a romantic interest for me in a couple weeks.

Maybe they will wake up and start treating you right, maybe they won’t. Take care of yourself, because chances are you are a nurturing, caring person that will make a great partner to someone. Losing a soulmate can be one of the most heart wrenching experiences you will ever have to go through. I’ve met people that waited years for theirs with no relief, while the other person has fully moved on with their life. If you are reading this then you understand. Stop the painful cycle and get happy again. Maybe even happier than you’ve ever been. I’ve had some of the best moments of my life last year after I started using this regimen, and you can too.

Those that want more spiritual healing help, find me….

5 thoughts on “How to get over a Soul Mate!

  1. Great post! It took nine years to move on, now fifteen years later with someone else, I still feel that tug, and I know it can never be, you are home this is where you’re ment to be….thank you for this article…

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    1. Iam so happy you enjoyed it and I have many more to share! I was just throwing some feelings out there on what subjects I can address and where I can come in to help!! Thank you, many blessings of healing to you my sweet friend! And again thank you.. ~Stregga

      Liked by 1 person

    2. awww Nancy, I feel your pain.. and yes sweetie iam INDEED home.. when it comes to soul Love sometimes we never heal over it, healing is such a personal journey and iam sure your soul mate feels that same tug as well!! Stay Blessed love…


  2. I found out my soul mate was not a person I was to be in a lover relationship during this lifetime but a wonderful woman I met by chance online 11 years ago. She and I are closer then any blood sisters could be. We can and do talk about everything and anything. When my mom crossed into the Summerlands this summer she was willing to drop everything and fly from Germany to be at my side to help me get through the first horrible days. I told her to stay put but we talked every day (Skype is a wonderful thing) I will be meeting her face to face for the first time in April but that is only a formality as we know each other hearts and spirit as well as we know our own. Thank you for this artile Stregga!

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    1. I was more then happy to write it and (INDEED) we have many soul mates and twin flames in this life time and it can even be a familiar as well as a object or people of the same sex.. isn’t Love Grand?


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