Words From My Spirit Guide

Observations Of Imbolc

It’s almost 10 o’clock and everyone in my house is snug in bed. I sit here on the couch with my feet curled under me, reading an excellent article from Patheos on the Holiness of Imbolic.

While reading, I was contemplating what the article means to me. I mean really, What’s the big deal with Imbolc!?! So it’s just another Sabbat… As you can tell, I’m not very religious and something has to mean something to me personally, for me to worship it. Just as the last thought entered my mind, my Spirit Guide softly said, “It means this; What things have happened to you in your life, are you truly grateful for?”

I immediately started naming off about a dozen before my Spirit Guide interrupted me and said, “That’s what Imbolc represents!”

Now I understand and now it’s important to me.

I am grateful for good health. I am grateful for a new home and a beautiful view in every direction. Mostly, I am grateful for the health and love of my family.

Bright Blessings Sisters and Brothers In The Craft,

SunRay Sorceress


5 thoughts on “Words From My Spirit Guide

  1. Not only is Imbolc or Candlemas a time to be grateful for all the Goddesses and Gods have blessed us with. It was the time when candles were made for the entire year to bring light in times of darkness. The candles in certain cultures were blessed by a Priest and/or Priestess to bring light into the spirit of any that saw the light of the candle. I still try every Imbolc/Candlemas to make at least one 12-inch taper or a 4-inch pillar candle every year and use it as my personal altar candle until the wheel of the year has turned in full back to Imbolc.

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