A Ritual Spell to Bring your Ancestors to You

This is a ritual spell using a tiny amount of your blood. If you do not believe in doing blood rituals or simply do not want to then click on this link to take you to other ways of calling your ancestors:   https://covenlife.co/?s=ancestors  This spell should not be done if you are new to The Craft as it is an advance spell ritual where things could go wrong if you are not prepared with the foundation of how spells work and what may happen when you do them.

This spell can be used to communicate with any family member who has crossed into the Summerlands. It can also be used just to spend some quiet time having them near. If you want to talk to or be with one person in particular substitute the persons name in the line of the spell I indicate. I suggest you do this spell or any spell when calling on those in the Summerlands in a scared circle. As sometime some one or thing may try to piggyback to this plain on the person you are clling to. The sacred circle stops any unwanted guests in and they will return to where they came from because they have no place to go in the plain.

This ritual spell can be done in any Moon phases but I have found it works best during a waning Moon.

What You Need;

White Candle

Black candle

3 Postage stamp size pieces of white or black material

Straight pin (Dip it in Rubbing Alcohol before using it)

A FIRE SAFE container to burn the pieces of material in (Remember to put a trivet under the container so where you set up your altar does not get a burn mark on it)

White Sage

Sweet Grass

Pine Needles

Matches or Lighter

Set up your altar as usual except use the white candle in the Goddess place and the black candle in the Gods place.

When you light the white candle call in the Goddess Persephone.

When lighting the black candle call in the God Hades

Place the white sage, sweet grass and pine needles into the fire safe container. Light the herbs and breathe in some of the cleansing smoke.

Prick the ring finger on your left hand them place one drop of blood on each of the three pieces of material.

Drop the material on top of the burning herbs each time to start the spell. (Remeber a spell should be said three times to get the best results.)


Person’s name or Blood to Blood I call to thee,

Blood to blood come to me.

Person’s name or Blood to blood I honor thee,

Blood to blood come to me.

As I will it So mote it be

After you are through with your visit allow the spirit to return to the Summerlands with this spell:

Person’s name or Blood to blood you have honored me

Blood to blood I release thee.

Return to the Summerlands for rejuvenation and rebirth

I will meet you there when the time comes for me to leave the Earth

As I will it So mote it be.

When your guests have left blow out the candles and open your circle.

Copyright 2016 Lady Beltane