From Lady Beltane – I Am Sorry – Update 1/22/2016

I do not know if you saw the post about my close friend being extremely sick or not but it has hit me hard and also brought up the feeling of loss from my mom crossing to the Summerlands late last August. There are other things that have had a major impact of my life in the last six months and not all of them for the good.

I now find myself kind of in a shell shock way unable to think clearly either mentally or spirituality as such I am taking a leave of absence from Coven Life. The site will still have fresh articles posted by other members of the Coven Life staff. I will not accept any new students during this time of self-reflection so please do not ask. Thank you.

I hope you understand I am not doing this to fade from the website and your lives I just need time to make sense of my own again. I will be back when I am healed and feel strong enough again to part of this wonderful community. Until then dear ones – Blessed be.

UPDATE 1/22/2016

I want to start by thanking SunRAy for all the wonderful extra posts she is doing during my leave of absence. Thank you also to Wolf Woman Ways and Loki’s Little Hippie Witch for the extra work you are doing also. If not for the three of you this site would be in poor shape right now. I enjoy reading your posts when I feel up to it.

I will be starting grief counseling for my emotional stuff this coming Tuesday. AS for my spiritual health I am honored to have my oldest daughter as well as the other Coven Life staff members and many of my students helping with it. I am hoping to be back in time for the Imbolc Sabbat online Coven Gathering.

I am hoping to start taking new novices again just after Imbolc. For my current novices, first let me say I miss you and thank you for all the uplifting emails I have received.  I plan to have all your emails and lessons replied to by Monday afternoon at the latest. It would be sooner but I have to work all weekend,

I humbly thank all of you who have sent healing, lit candles, said prayers and kind words to and for me.

Blessed be dear ones.