Kyphi Incense

I hosted a Drumming Circle at my house and we got to talking that we would like to learn how to make incense.  My friend Stephanie and I decided to get together to make Kyphi Incense.  It was used by the Priests and Priestesses in ancient Egyptian times.  They would have added one ingredient a day over several weeks.

I found this blog post that goes into greater detail about it at this link:

I decided to use the recipe on the blog post and we started it on a Full Moon, and then combined the wet and dry together at the New Moon, and then after two more weeks at the next Full Moon I put the incense into air tight containers.

This is the recipe we used (we used 1 T as a part)

Kyphi (Kemet) Incense

The dry ingredients:

3 parts frankincense resin

2 parts myrrh resin

2 parts gum Arabic

1 part dragons blood resin

½ part copal resin

½ part galangal root

½ part cinnamon

½ part cedar wood

½ part orris root

The wet ingredients:

1 part juniper berries

3 C of raisins

1 C of chopped dates

½ C of honey

¼ C of red wine

-couple drops of lotus oil

Mix well and keep in an air tight container for two weeks, stirring occasionally.  Then combine them together and roll them into pea sized balls of up to an inch in diameter.  Then roll them in powdered benzoin and left to air dry on wax paper for two more weeks.  Then wrap individually in cheese cloth and store them in a large airtight container. The longer the cure, the better they burn and smell.

We used the following spell as we were grinding and mixing the ingredients together and then used it again when we combined the wet and dry together:

Kyphi Incense Spell

“I ask that Isis lend her power,

As the herbs blend together,

And when they are touched by Fire,

They will open the starlit veil of night,

So I may see with inner sight,

Embraced by the protection of the Lord and Lady,

By magic’s art, revealed to me,

That which I need to see.” by Wolf Woman Ways

I gave some of the containers of the incense to my friends as a gift for Yule.  We were able to burn some in a fire for the Winter Solstice.  I really liked the smell!  The various scents blended together well.  As we sat around the fire I would get a whiff of frankincense, and the next moment I would smell the raisins!  It was as if each note (whether high, middle or low) took their turn letting their presence be known.

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Planets in astrology and what they represent

The Cosmic Cookie trail took me to this blog post today:

It is a very nice list of the planets and what they represent.  I found it interesting since a friend of mine has been putting together a grimoire based on AstroMagic.

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