Still Don’t Know Much What’s Going on With Me

I have to call doctor back Monday to have some tests run to see if it is breast cancer or not. I will keep you all updated.

Thank you all so much for the prayers, healing energy and candles being lit. I know it will make whatever this is easier to go through.

I feel this is more then a physical journey it’s a spiritual one as well because I have to have faith everything will turn out in s positive way for me.

Blessed be dear ones.

Spell Timing

Choosing when to cast a spell need not be complicated. If you feel like casting a spell, go to it. However, many people feel that spells are more powerful when they are cast during certain moon phases and moon signs and even during specific days of the week. This is because various planetary energies are believed to be more available for use during this time and those energies can add a bit of strength to your own.

There are many options for spell timing listed here. Please do not feel that you need to time your spell to coincide with all of these options. Any one is helpful. You can layer them if you like, but it is not necessary.

Table of Contents
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Correspondence Tables

One stop page for all your basic correspondences.

Candle Burning
Wood Meanings
Colours in Spellwork
Colours to Change Your Moods
Oil Blends
Days Of The Week
Moon Phases

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