I found an interesting blog post about Pendulums that you can access at this link*+Ancient+Magical+Recipes+Online+*+Nature+through+Spells+and+Herbal+Magic+*+Magic+Spells+Herbs%29

I found it gave some interesting points on how to work with a pendulum.  I disagree in “showing the pendulum” which direction is yes or no.  I choose to honor the crystal person within the stone and I ask them to show me yes and show me no.  But before I ask even that simple question I carry the pendulum with me for two weeks and I sleep with it nearby.  And then and only then do I begin to work with it.

I have pendulums I use for energy work and also those for divination.  But I have always asked the pendulum if they want to be a part of my healing practice or not.  Sometimes the answer is no!

You can make a pendulum with just a string and a ring or a metal “O” ring.  If the ring belonged to a deceased family member you bring in Ancestor energy to your divination work.  If you decide to use a metal chain…you begin to bring in the qualities of the metal you choose to use.  For example: one of the uses for silver is that it is a good communicator.  “Silver is ruled by the Moon a feminine planet, and therefore imparts a softened less assertive emotional energy to crystals & minerals that are mounted in it.”  More information can be found at this link:

For more information about gold, you can go to this link:

For more information about copper, you can go to this link:

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