Norse 101, Part 7

Norse 101, Part 7

Happy Freyja’s Day again, everybody!  Time for this week’s Norse 101 post!  Many of my previous posts have been somewhat God-heavy, so this week, I decided to give some of the Goddesses a little air time.  Today, I’ll introduce you to three: Frigga, Sif, and Sigyn.

Frigga (sometimes spelled Frigg) is the wife of Odin.  She is the All-Mother, and an Aesir Goddess of maternal and marital love, divination, managing the household, and spinning or weaving. Her name translates to “Beloved” and She is known to be tender and nurturing.  She is a powerful seer, able to know the future.  She once had a vision about her son Baldr’s death, and took every precaution to ensure that no harm would come to Him.  She asked every being, every plant, every rock, every weapon to do Him no harm.  The only plant She didn’t ask was the mistletoe.  Ultimately it was a dart made of mistletoe that killed Him, but I’ll talk about that more when I introduce Baldr.  Some scholars conclude that Frigga and Freyja are different aspects or versions of the same Goddess.  I can see how that might make some sense, since Freyja is a Goddess of love and beauty, and Frigg is a Goddess of marriage, motherhood, and the home.  I see Them as two separate and distinct Goddesses, though.

Frigga, artist unknown

Sif is an Aesir Goddess that’s barely mentioned in mythology.  She’s a wife of Thor and a Goddess of grain, the harvest, and the fertility of the Earth.  Last week I wrote about how Thor has a role in crop abundance.  Well, His marriage to Sif reflects that as well.  The sky married the Earth and together They bring fertility to the land.  Sif is known to have the most beautiful golden hair, and one story in the mythology tells us about how She lost it, but gained something even better.  Her hair was famously gorgeous, but one day, Loki cut it all off while She was sleeping.  Thor was enraged and demanded that Loki fix it.  So, Loki set out to find something to “fix it.”  His solution was to have Dwarves create new hair for Her out of spun gold.  The new hair  was just as beautiful as Her original hair, and as a consolation, Loki also presented Thor with His hammer, Mjolnir.

Sif, artist unknown

Sigyn is a wife of Loki. Not much is written about Her, although She is considered to be one of the Aesir.  Together, She and Loki have two sons, but Their story takes a tragic turn.  As punishment for His role in Baldr’s death, Loki is bound in a cave with a snake hanging over His head.  (The chain used to restrain Him is made from the entrails of one of His and Sigyn’s sons.  The other son was transformed into a wolf, who then killed his brother to create that entrail-chain.)  The snake drips poison onto Loki’s face, which is incredibly painful.  Sigyn stayed by His side, holding a bowl above His head to catch the dripping venom.  She isn’t officially assigned as a Goddess of compassion and loyalty, but She certainly is seen as one.  She stayed by Her husband’s side and kept Him as comfortable as She could, despite Her own grief.  If that doesn’t show love and loyalty for family, I don’t what would.

Sigyn, by DragonsLover1 on Deviantart

That’s it for today, lovelies.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  And if you’d like for me to write about a God or Goddess in particular, and I haven’t yet, let me know.  Yes, I take requests!  See you next week!

17 thoughts on “Norse 101, Part 7

  1. How many of the Gods and Goddesses have half-breed children? What I mean by half breed is 1/2 of them and 1/2 human? Are any of these children given birth to as a living human child or are they al Astral children living with their deity parent?

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      1. Back in the “old days,” some people (humans) claimed to be descended from the Gods. There’s a line of kings in Sweden that are supposedly descended from Freyr. Ancient upg! (Unverified Personal Gnosis) And these days, there are people who have the same lineage. Of course, there’s no way to prove it with a DNA test or anything, so it’s more upg. Sometimes it’s a case of being a child of a God, born in a past life on one of the other worlds and currently incarnated on Earth. An example is my daughter. Loki was her Dad in a past life. So, yes, she’s His, but she has a mortal dad here on Earth. Loki is her “Soul Dad.” Other times, the God “borrows” a mortal man’s body to participate in a child’s conception. The blood in the baby is the mortal man’s, but the God contributed energetically to the baby. Another way is if a human contains a small bit (shard) of a deity and is technically an incarnation, in part, of that deity. So if that person has children, then those kids are children of that deity. And of course, there are astral kids. They’re conceived by our astral bodies, through a combining of energy with the deity. Same concept as biological pregnancy, but using energy on the astral plane instead of DNA and chromosomes in the physical plane. I hope that wasn’t too confusing…

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    1. Thanks! 🙂
      There are a few ways to do past life regression. Meditation, hypnosis, trance… Sometimes a memory will hit you out of nowhere. Some of mine I’ve gotten that way. But the major one, I couldn’t make sense of what I was getting. I needed outside help, which came in the form of a seidhr session by a very experienced seidhrkona. (A trance session by a Norse shamaness.) She accessed my past lives and helped shed a lot of light onto things. It gave me context for a lot of stuff to follow.

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      1. Ha! I get it.. 🙂 Can I guess that this revelation was something that revealed itself over time, months – years? Since I’m still new on my walk, I probably need to be patient and not expect “all knowledge” be dumped in my lap. Patients = Not a strong point for me. Lol

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      2. Oh man, I am so impatient! But yes, it took months. Months of hints, clues, readings, meditating, you name it. And every time I’d discover something, it’d open up new questions. As far as finding my path, it kinda found me. If you remember the show Seinfeld, you’ll remember how Kramer used to barge through the door. Yeah, that’s pretty much how Loki did it. Ha ha!

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    1. Dear Sun Ray you are very new to this still. Be patient and you will find the Pagan path you feel the most drawn to, to continue on with your studies once you have learned the basics. Some witches such as myself use parts from a few too many different traditions of Paganism. Meditation helps to teach us patience. With one seasoned witch I knew to help her develope patience I had her sit and time how long it took water to boil on the stove with different time limits for it to start boiling. SHe didn’t like the exercise at first but she did start developing patience.

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      1. That’s funny, not ha-ha but ironic because I was meditating and sat quietly for close to an hour when I felt like I was done… Did I get direction ? No, just blank, quiet, nothing, afterwards I read your comment. My spirit guide has a serious sense of humor. Hahaha!!! Well at least I’m reasted. Hehe

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