As Thanksgiving in USA Approches

This has been a very hard week for me and my family without my mom to call to talk to about tomorrow. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I would probably call my mom six times or more making sure I had all my turkeys in a row to be ready for the big day. I am used to cooking a twenty-five to twenty-seven-pound bird because most of my children and grandchildren would be here plus my mom and an odd friend or two. This year I am cooking a seven-pound ham and the tiniest turkey I have ever seen weighing in at seven and one-half pounds. Only my two youngest sons can make it here for dinner leaving the other seventeen members of my family going elsewhere or cannot make it home because of the cost of gas and just being here September 4th to lay my mom’s body to rest. Saying I am sad and lonely is an understatement, I am just hoping to make it through the next hour without crying again.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and be thankful they have each other, jobs, a roof over their heads and food in their stomach. But let us not lose sight of those who suffered through many hardships to celebrate the first Thanksgiving. When I talk of hardships I am not just referring to what the Europeans went through but the Native Americans as well. If you say a blessing before digging into your feast please remember those that made this celebration possible and give thanks for them also.

One tradition my mom started when my children were little is going around the table and everyone stating one thing they are grateful for that happened in the past year. This is a tradition I will continue and hope my children and grandchildren wherever they might be, will be doing also. My mom’s thing to be thankful for every year was her family and that she had good friends that would help her if we were not available.

May your Thanksgiving bring new memories to share in the future and may you fondly remember the past times your family was together. Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

So I ask you, “What is one thing you are grateful for from this past year.”