Planetary Healing Dream Walk

I thought I would share my latest Dream Walk with you today.  As I traverse the Astral Plane I see, hear, feel, and know many things.  Sometimes it may seem disjointed, but as I meditate afterwards I find part of the message.

I was thinking of the 6.9 earthquake that just happened off the coast of Chile.  Then I was shown the Healing Prayer Ribbons for the Healing Hoop that Selena Fox took to the Parliament of World’s Religions.  (You can check out her Facebook page to see photos and learn more about it.  Here is the link to her page )

I then saw a globe of the Earth, and then was shown my friends Stephanie and David who live in Kansas, and heard the word “fracking”.  I just knew it was all connected somehow.  The globe made me remember how as kids how we would look to see what was directly across the world from us.  Directly across the world from Chile is China.

I felt that all are connected and what you do in your own backyard has an impact across the world from you.  I asked my guides to connect with those of the people in Chile to see if it was okay to send Reiki and was told it was okay so I sent it!  I asked that the Reiki send Healing and whatever else was needed at that time, that it be True and Correct and for the best and highest good.  I then asked Iris to lend the colors of the Rainbow to send the power of the color rays to help as well.  I then said “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” as the way to disconnect.

The members of the AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America) as they start with their First Degree studies….something they must do for the Earth Path is to make three lifestyle changes that will “take less from the Earth and give more back.” You can check out their curriculum at  to learn more about it.  The changes don’t need to be excessive..they would prefer you start small so you are able to maintain the changes. One of the changes I made was to use cloth bags for shopping.  I felt that impact was well worth it for me.

It made me wish we could all come together as a community and make these changes ourselves whether we be Witch, Shaman, or Druid regardless of whether we follow a Druid path or not!

© 2015 Wolf Woman Ways


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