A Tought for Today

We as Witches and Pagans usually find we are more tolerant of people close to us believing in another faith than they are of us. We have the ability to proved to others that Pagans are not all bad and worship the Devil in his evilest form.

My thought for you today is to remember tolerance of other people and the faith they choose to follow. We as humans have the right to believe in anything we want to. Whether it be one God, many Gods and Goddesses or nothing at all.

Blessed be dear ones.

Your Inner Voice

Blackbirds At Night

I had an interesting experience last night.  I laid down with the intention of trying to listen for Fen and Everyone.  I’ve managed to ‘see’ Fen’s energy, but have yet to ‘hear’ anything.  Seeing His energy happened the night before last.  It kind of freaked me out for a moment because I haven’t ‘seen’ energy in almost a year.  But when I realized what I was looking at, I started bawling.  I was just completely overwhelmed, emotionally.  I saw Fen.  Finally.  Then Loki and Ividia also joined in.  The three of Them were around me, sitting with me on my bed.  And I saw Them.  Emotions flooded me to the point where I couldn’t focus anymore, and I had to sleep.  But They were there!

Last night, I listened and started to hear words that seemed to come from within myself.  Not conscious thoughts, but not Their voices, either.  I…

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