Beltane – 2015

“Beltane – Love in Abundance”

“Beltane falls on the first day of May. Some folks celebrate on May Eve with a bonfire, which is fitting  since Beltane is a fire festival derived from a word for “bright fire.” Others observe the holiday at noon, with the spring-time sun serving as fire.

Beltane can be a boisterous and bawdy holiday since it focuses on abundance, fertility, and love. The God and Goddess, who are at the height of their power and vigor, join together in passion to bring life back to earth. Pagans often celebrate with feasting, a dance around the Maypole, and all acts sensual and sexual.

But Beltane isn’t just about lust and romance – it also celebrates abundance, growth, and increase. If you need to bring more of anything into your life – money, love, health – this is a good time to do that type of magickal work. It is also a good time to show love for your significant other, family, friends, pets, or even our Mother, the Earth.

Instead of a Maypole, try using a May bush. (Plant a new ooon or use as exisiting bush or potted plant.) Tie ribbons on to it to symbolize the things you wish to increase in your life and dance with joy, your heart filled with love.”

Copyright Deborah Blake Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2015 Page 61

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