Samhain – Flashback 2014

“Samhain – Divining the Unseen”

“At Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinnest. The ordinary and extraordinary meet. Death and life touch at the edges. Mysteries drop hints. These factors make divination easier now, and traditional Samhain activities include various forms of it. Nuts may be placed in the coals of a fire to divine the future of a relationship. Scrying in a mirror or bowl of water is another popular option. An apple peel thrown on the ground reveals symbolic shapes. Of course, tarot cards also suit the occasion.

Celebrate the mysteries this Samhain. Choose from mystical colors such as purple, gold, silver, and black. Decorate the covenstead with lace veils and velvet drapes. Cobwebs of paper, string, or floss evoke the Fates who spin the thread of the future. The Norse god Odin traded an eye to the Norns to gain wisdom. In Greek mythology, Apollo is associated with the oracles. The Sumerian goddess Inanna also relates to prophecy and visions.

Consider a ritual that enacts visiting a sacred oracle. Lead coveners into a softly lit space where they can consult a priest or priestess who is skilled in divination or psychic arts. Use drums or bells to summon people back out..”

Copyright Elizabeth Barrette Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2014 Page 115

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