Beltane – Flashback 2013

“The lusty celebration of Beltane is upon us! Gardens bloom and wild places are leafy and green. Weather is mild and thoughts turn to passion. In garden folklore, any blue flower – violets, periwinkles, soft bluish-purple tulips, and early hydrangeas – is sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. This Beltane, work with her to send a little passion and romance your way. Remember, Aphrodite does not bring lasting love into your life…she brings attraction, romance, passion, and physical love. This is great for established partners to spice things up or singles looking for a new someone for romance, To work with Aphrodite’s energy, gather a few blue flowers from the garden and tie them with a satin ribbon. Slip the flowers in a water-filled vessel and offer them to Aphrodite along with a spell verse for Beltane.

On the feast of Beltane, I’ll try a little something new,

I request Aphrodite’s blessings with flowers of blue.

Passion and fun, you will surely bring to my life,’May I be Blessed with magick and romance on this night.

CopyrightEllen Dugan Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2013 Page 63




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