Samhain – Flashback 2011

“Every Samhain marks the passage of the year, and those who parted ways during the journey of that year. While popularly we do enjoy the frivolity of the ghosts and goblins, the silly costumes, and the sugar highs, the underpinnings of this holiday are quite serious. While Christians have All Soul’s Day on November 2, to Wiccans, October 31 is the day you just might hear and see the souls in their march to lands hidden beyond the knowledge of the lving. This is the time to clean the graves of your ancestors, and to make right any debts you may still owe. If you have access go to a river or creek and recite the names of your beloved dead, starting with the people who have passed most recently. As you speak, throw a leaf, flower, or branch in the water to represent their boat as they travel down the river of souls. When you finish, watch your vessels float away and listen carefully for what the dead may have to say to you. This is a time to make peace and to forget old wrongs – the sins have died with the person, leaving you behind to make you own world right. When you return home, sit down for a quite meal with those you love most.”

Copyright Diana Rajchel Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2011 Page117

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