Samhain – FLashback 2007

“At the beginning of the Witches’ New Year, the nights grow long, the wind chills, and the cold winter begins. To celebrate this final harvest, meat is put up; root crops, nuts, and apples are stored; and the years activities draw to a close. Debts are paid, old things are cleaned, mended, or discarded. The house is swept clean and old brooms are thrown out and replaced by new brooms to make sure no bad luck follows the household into the new year.

The aire crackles with energy and excitement as the veil between the worlds is thin, spirits are near, and power is in the air. This is a night to celebrate the Witch and practice a few ancestral customs. Coven and solitaries celebrate this sabbat with reverence, joy , and magical workings.

Spirits are easily contacted, and debts to those who have passed over are paid in the form of food offerings left at crossroads. The different realms are more easily accessed now, including the feary realm. Care must be taken not to offened or disreespect the dead, the Fey, or other beings beyoun our own plane of existence.”

COpyright Abby Willowroot Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2007 Page 115

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