Beltane – Day 21

Things to do and Altar Ideas

When Beltane comes so do wildlowers and other early spring blooming flowers. These are great to use to decorte your altar and/or make a wreath to wear on your head or hang on your front door.

Use a brightly colored cloth for your altar.

This is also a great time to use a bird’s nest if you have one to represent Mother Earth. You can also use a bird’s egg shell. I look on the ground close to trees I have seen bird’s nesting in and can usually find at least one partial egg shell. I take it home and very carefully paint a light coat of clear drying glue on one side let it dry throughly and the do the other side. This makes the shell a little less fragile.

On Beltane I use sea shells for Water, feathers for Air, fresh dirt from one of my gardens for Earth and a bright yellow candle for Fire. If it is warm enough I have all my windows open to air out the house from winter while I do my Beltane ritual.

I also do an energy cleansing of my home. To do this Ask FIre to burn off all the negativie energy in the home. THe ask Air to blow all the ashes out the windowns. I then ask Earth to bring in grounding and nurturing and Water to bring in love, peace and harmony.

This is the day for blessing your gardens to ask Mother Earth, Ra (a Sun God) and all the elements to help bless your garden so it has a bountiful harvest during the summer and early fall.  (To find the garden blessing I use type in the word “Garden” into the search box on this sites Home Page)

When evening comes I prepare a special dinner for my husband and I by candle light (red candles help fire up passion). He bring me my favorite type of cake for my birthday. We then spend the rest of the evening with each other, cell phones and computers turned off, watching a good movie and then….

What do you do for Beltane?

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