Samhain – Day 20

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Beltane – Day 20

I was looking on Piterest for something interesting to post for today but there were to many to choose from. SO instead here is the hyperlink to Pinterest for the search word Beltane:

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Beltane – Flashback 2004

“Beltane is the holiday that draws all Witches outside to celebrate the returning power of the Sun and fecundity of the land.

Wear red robes for ritual and dress your altar with reds for passion. If you have identified a nearby rowan tree, you can make a wreath for your hair using rowan sprigs. Decorate your house with freshly cut greens, herbs, and flowers. Arrange for music or drumming to lighten the steps of the dancers of the maypole or spiral dance. Lose yourself in the dance.

Fire is an honored element at this ritual, so have a circle members jump a caldron for purification and protection. Water is another honored element: be certain to visit your local spring or riverbank. Sprinkle perfume into the water for the undies. Again, leave a drop or two of milk and other food offerings for the nature spirits.

Wake before dawn on this day and watch the Sun rise over a river or beach. Gather a pitcherful where the Sun has gilded the water, When you return home, walk the bounds of your land, sprinkling water in your garden beds to ensure plentiful rainfall during the growing season.”

Copywrite K. D. Spitzer Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2004 Page 63