Samhain treats and beverage ideas

Samhain is a time to remember our ancestors, but it is also a time to celebrate. So this week I wanted to pass on a few nontraditional ideas. Have fun with family and friends but Most Importantly; Be Smart!


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How to Create a Fog Effect for Your Halloween Punch. Jonas Halpren Dry ice turns an ordinary party punch into a spooky Halloween brew!


Start with 2 punch bowls of different sizes. The smaller bowl will hold the actual punch while the larger bowl will hold the smaller bowl and the dry ice. With tongs or gloved hands (dry ice can freeze your skin), place chunks of dry ice in the bigger container. Place the smaller bowl on top of the dry ice. There is no need to add extra ice to the punch as the dry ice will cool the punch nicely.

Just before serving, pour some hot water over the dry ice. Continue to add hot water and dry ice as needed.

Be very careful when using dry ice! Handle only with tongs or heavy gloves! Do NOT put the dry ice directly in the punch or touch it with bare skin. It will burn! Dry ice should also NOT be ingested. Update: Where can you find dry ice? Dry ice can be found at liquor, grocery and some specialty party stores. Check out to find dry ice near you. Check out our collection of Halloween punch recipes! Read more at:

Ghostly PEEPS® Brownies

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Ghostly PEEPS® Brownies

<img src=”/-/media/Images/Shared/NativeAds/BrandingHeaders/PCH_mobile.jpg” alt=”Party Crusher Halloween” /> Party Crusher Halloween

  • Prep Time10 min
  • Total Time2 hr 40 min
  • Servings 16


 1box (18.3 oz) Betty Crocker™ fudge brownie mix

Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on brownie mix box

2/3 cup white vanilla baking chips, if desired

3/4 cup Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy vanilla frosting
16 PEEPS® marshmallow ghosts


  • 1 Heat oven to 325°F. Spray bottom of 8-inch square pan with cooking spray.
  • 2 In medium bowl, stir brownie mix, water, oil and eggs until well blended. Spread in pan. Sprinkle baking chips evenly over batter.
  • 3 Bake as directed on box for 8-inch square pan. Cool about 1 hour 30 minutes before frosting.
  • 4 Spread with frosting. Cut into 4 rows by 4 rows. Place marshmallow on each brownie.


We fashioned Spooky Eyeballs out of radishes, olives and grapes and added them to a traditional martini for a creepy cocktail for your next grown-up Halloween party.


Radish Eyeballs

2 round radishes

1 large pimiento-stuffed green olive, cut in half crosswise

Grape Eyeballs

2 large seedless black grapes
2 small cranberries or blueberries

Olive Eyeballs

2 jumbo pitted ripe olives

2 small ready-to-eat baby-cut carrot


2 1/2 oz  (5 tablespoons) gin or vodka

1/2 oz (1 tablespoon) dry vermouth


  • 1 To make each radish eyeball, peel radish, leaving streaks of red skin for “blood vessel” effect. Cut off one tip of radish about 1/4-inch deep. Using small melon baller or paring knife, scoop out small hole from sliced tip side; place olive half in center. Place in martini glass.
  • 2 To make each grape eyeball, carefully peel back skin of grape from one edge. Using small melon baller or paring knife, cut small hole in center of exposed flesh. Place small cranberry or blueberry in hole. Skewer grapes onto toothpick; place in martini glass.
  • 3 To make each olive eyeball, place baby carrot in pitted hole of olive. Cut off carrot flush with end of olive. Skewer olives onto toothpick; place in martini glass.
  • 4 To make cocktail, place several ice cubes in cocktail shaker or mixing glass. Add gin and vermouth. Cover; shake (or stir) 30 seconds. Strain into martini glass and serve.


Serves 20-25


1- 46 oz can Red Punch, 1- 46 oz can Apple Juice, 1- 46 oz bottle Cranberry Juice, 1- 2 liter bottle Ginger Ale, Ice Cubes

Berry Vodka optional),

Orange Liqueur (optional)


Combine all ingredients in large punch bowl or cauldron. Add ice and stir.

For grownups version: Add 4 cups Berry Vodka and 1/2 cup of Orange Liqueur.

Please remember Brothers and Sisters to be smart and have a designator driver or at least stay where you’re at for the night, if you are going to drink alcohol. You all mean too much to me, to have something awful happen to you or to someone else.

Best Blessings To You All,

SunRay Sorceress





Samhain – Flashback 2002


“Samhain grows in strength as a holiday, and while its meaning may beobscure to the general public, many rituals have survived intact. This is Hecate’s day, a celebration of the crone and the powers of the dark feminine princple. This is the day of the dead; you can honor your ancestors by setting a place for them at the table. Add their pictures to your altar. Indulge in wearing and decorating with black. Bring all your mojo to the altar to recharge.

When the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, a ritual at midnight on October 31 bring last quarter Moon and very lucky Sun. Keep divination tools in your circle, and cast a spread to revel the portents of the coming new year. Enhance your powers with a loose incense to burn on charcoal. Just blend a teaspoon of each of crushed cinnamon, dittany of Crete, rosemary, and bay. Mix equal amounts dragon’s blood and frankincense and add 1 part resin to 1 part mixed herbs”

Copyright 2002 K. D. Spitzer Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2002

Samhain – Day 18

Samhain Magic, Divination and Spirit Work [Part 7]

7.  Should I Use a Ouija Board?

Want to use a Ouija board for divination, or communing with the spirits? Well, that’s fine… if you know what you’re doing. Before you use one, be sure to read this information on how a Ouija board works, and what potential problems can arise.More »

By Patti Wigington

Flashback – Beltane 2002

“Prepare for Beltane by leaving tokens for the fairy folk in the woods or in your herb garden. Tie glitzy ribbons for the undines near a natural spring or river. Gather spring flowers at dawn to adorn your door, and prepare a traditional May bowl for your ritual.

First, harvest several stems of flowering sweet woodruff to steep in white wine or champagne, Then stir in a cup of brandy or strawberry wine, adding whole stawberries, rose petals, and floating red candles. EMpowerthe whole bowl for your ritual. Make a mini-Maypole for your altar. FInd small smooth egg-shaped stones and half bury in pots of herbs or directly in the soil to update the ancient tradition of Hermes seeding the soil for fertility. For this ritual, use red as the main color theme in circle as a nod to the red moonflow of ancient ceremonies.”

Copyright202 K. D. Spitzer Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2002

Beltane – Day 18

Beltane Magic [Part 7]

7.  Horse Magic and Mythology

The horse has been found in folklore and legend in a variety of cultures – from the horse gods of the Celtic lands to the pale horse found in Biblical prophecy, the horse features prominently in many myths and legends. How can you capture the magical energy of horses, and incorporate it into your magical workings? More »

By Patti Wigington