A Thought for Today

When trying to talk with ancestors or friends that have crossed the veil into the Spirit Plain/Summerlands do not expect to hear the voice they spoke with when amongst the living. Ask a question and do not try to force an answer but when a stay thought pops into your head it maybe right away or may take a while that is you ancestor or friend talking to you.

I have been getting many messages from my mom, they are short and to the point. While messages from my dad tend to ramble on a bit. My other ancestors and friends communicate in my mind in as many different ways as they communicated with me when living.

I was gifted with being able to see, smell and hear those who have crossed no matter whether I knew them in this life or not. This gift can be wonderful when helping to give someone peace but it can be a curse if I do not keep wards up to keep from hearing them constantly awake or asleep. Please do not flood me with requests to talk to those in the spirit world for you.

Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane

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