Samhain, Let’s Celebrate !!

There are many ways to celebrate Samhain: I’ve listed a few here..

Putting Samhain Back Into The Season – By C. Austin

Keep it simple! It is the act of doing that is important, not the polish of the finished product or event. Always be sure to take appropriate precautions – Fire and Child Safety Are A Must.


#1. Ceremoniously finish cleaning up your garden or lawn by October 31.

#3. Preserve flowers, a grain sheaf or garden produce for enjoyment in the coming winter season, as well as to insure successful planting in spring.

#5. Plant flower bulbs for Samhain – observe the moment when the bulbs rest within the welcoming underground of the Goddess.

#10. Organize a night or daytime nature walk to sharpen the senses, to the passage of time and season.


#2. Bake a cake with one token (Wrapped in wax paper, large enough to prevent swallowing) in it. The recipient of this piece becomes the ” Lord (or Lady) of Misrule”, for Samhain evening. He or she is given a staff or wand (a stick with crepe paper, streamers, or some other inexpensive decoration or paint will do) and is thereby  permitted to rule over the proceedings, interrupting whenever they feel, leading the dances and games, etc.

#3. Hold your own individual ceremony, light a bonfire or candle and welcome the tides of time.

#4. Celebrate year-end by volunteering, by your self or with friends to complete a helpful  community project by Samhain.

#7. Make costumes or just masques with friends or by yourself. Gather paints, colourful leaves, feathers, beads, acorns, corn leaves and other bits to resemble any creature, animal or bird (otherworldly or otherwise) that you admire. Or even create an entirely original masque with designs or numbers and such on it, that are special to you.


#2. Walnuts or hazelnuts roasted in a fire or on the stove top will glow steadily to represent true love, while those that crack and pop reflect loves decline.

#3. Empty a walnut shell, affix a small candle (birthday cake size) within the shell and light it. Set it afloat in a long tub, a wading pool or pond. Name each walnut boat for a member of the party and watch as the boats navigate towards or away from each other, signifying the course of fate.

#8. Make a Samhain light by hollowing out an apple and putting a candle in it.

#9. Carve a “jack-o-lantern” out of a pumpkin, turnip or beet.

#11. When kindling a bonfire, place stones within the bonfire signifying people present – when the fire is ashes, note weather any of the stones are missing or misplaced – a portent of ill fortune to come.

#15. Bring the magick of reflective water indoor. Look in a mirror as you comb your hail and be aware of images that appear behind you or in your mind, that foretell the future (as the looking glass holds the reflection of your soul, so it is bad luck to drop or break a mirror. The particular mirror and comb to be used, should be utilized only for this type of scrying).

Feile na Marb – Supper For The Dead

#1. Light a candle or jack-o-lantern and keep it glowing late into the night.

#2. On October 31 make a simple display of photographs and/or tokens of loved ones since passed. Write a brief message to each, burn the message in your bonfire or jack-o-lantern at evening’s end to send the message to the otherworld.

#3. Leave or designate an empty chair(s) at your table. Leave a bit of food and drink for visiting spirits, as well as any token or special object they loved in life. (In the morning, throw food away, as spirits will have thankfully absorbed its essence).
For an extended version of this, pop on over through the link I provided above. Have a great time this Samhain.
Next I’ll be posting Fun Recipes and Potions for your Samhain festivities!!
Best Blessings To You All,
SunRay Sorceress

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