Samhain – Day 12

Samhain Magic, Divination and Spirit Work [Part 1]

Samhain is a time to work magic involving the spirit realm, and communicating with the dead. It’s a time to honor the cycle of life and death, as well. Here’s where you’ll find all sorts of information on magical workings that celebrate the Samhain season.

1.  Samhain Divination

In many agricultural cultures, a popular pastime at Samhain was that of divination. From scrying in a mirror to using an apple to foretell the name of one’s future lover, many traditional divination methods were practiced in rural societies for centuries. You can use them today for your own divination at Samhain, or any other time of the year. Learn more about Samhain Divination. More »

By Patti Wigington

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