Samhain – Day 9

Samhain Ancestor Rite for Families with Children

If you’re raising kids in a Pagan tradition, it can sometimes be hard to find rituals and ceremonies that are both age appropriate and celebrate the aspects of the particular Sabbat. Factor in that small children tend to have a shorter attention span, and the days of standing in a circle for an hour watching someone chant are pretty much out of reach. That said, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate the different Sabbats with your children.

Beltane – Day 9

Celebrating Beltane With Kids

Every year, when Beltane rolls around, we get emails from folks who are comfortable with the sexual fertility aspect of the season for adults, but who’d like to reign things in just a little when it comes to practicing with their young children. I get it, I totally do – you may just not be prepared to explain things like the erect phallus of the god to your pre-schooler, and that’s totally fine, because everyone parents at their own pace.


So, what’s a Pagan parent to do, if they’d like to keep their littles involved with ritual practice, but uncomfortable focusing on the AW YEAH SEXYTIMES part of Beltane?

The first rule is: Don’t Panic…

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By Patti Wigington