Beltane – Day 7

A Time for New Beginnings

On Beltane, we bless and sow not only plants but goals we would like to reach in the future. This is the optimal day for fertilizing our thoughts with new seeds that can grow throughout the warm months.

Following is a chant that can be used to help them come to fruition.

Things Needed:

Your voice and the voices of any who you want  joining you in this

A Drum or something you can beat a rhythm on (such as an empty oatmeal box – the round kind, an empty round plastic container, etc.)

Beat a steady rhythm on your drum while chanting the words to the beat. If you feel like speeding up after a while go ahead. If you feel like doing it slower go ahead. As in all things in The Craft finding out what works best for you as a person is important because it makes it your own not just what someone else writes or suggests doing.

A the Sun shows through from the dark of night,

Let what I sow be seen in the light.

Repeat chat either 5, 7 or 9 times in a row. This can be done around your Beltane fire.

This is a simple chant that even a child can learn to “sing”. If you feel like drumming, chanting and dancing around the fire go ahead. Remember this is your celebration of the Sabbat so make your ritual your own.

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