Samhain -Day 2

Samhain (Ancestor Connection Anointing Oil)

 You will need to make hematite gem elixir water as well as obsidian gem elixir water first.  I would suggest using the indirect method as to not harm the stones.  Put water in a glass jar and set the stone next to the water and set outside…you can charge them with either the sun or the full moon, whichever your own intuition tells you.

1 15ml amber bottle

Several hematite and snowflake obsidian chips (small stones to fit in bottle)

Hazelnut oil

10 drops cinnamon bark essential oil

10 drops clove oil

7 drops each of hematite & snowflake obsidian gem elixir water


  1. Add your stone chips to the bottle first
  2. Pour the oil into glass bottle
  3. Add drops of essential oil and the gem elixirs
  4. Cap the bottle & shake to mix everything together and label the bottle
  5. Shake before each use to mix the oils

You can now either anoint yourself with the oil or use it on any tools you are using for your ritual.

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