Samhain or Beltane Ideas – Day 1

Here it is the 1st of October already. Where does thew time go? Maybe because I am getting older the years go by quicker or it seems like it does.

For the next thirty days, we will be posting things to give you new ideas to help celebrate either Samhain or Beltane depending on which hemisphere you live in.

Northern Hemisphere

On Samhain when the veil between our plain and the spirit plain is it at its thinnest is the best time to “talk” to you ancestors and honor them. It is also the best day/night to help those who have passed away in the last year to enter the Summerlands if they didn’t immediately do so upon their passing.

Away to Call and Honor Your Ancestors

This ritual can be done any time of day on Samhain indoors or outdoors

What you will need:

1 Pie Pan

1 Birthday Candle for Each Ancestor (An ancestor doesn’t not need to be a blood relative in this case. It can be anyone who helped to make you the person you are today. FOr example: a teacher, a best friend, etc.) you are honoring

Approximately 1 1/2 cups of Sand

Hot pan trivet

Take a pie pan fill it 1/3 of the way with sand.


Start in center of pie pan and work your way out to about one inch from the edge of it. I suggest not more then twenty candles in one pie pan.

Take one birthday candle at a time. While lighting it say,

“I call upon “fill in name of ancestor” to come visit me for as long as this candle burns,

Then back to the Summerlands you returns.

I welcome you with open arms,

As long as my home and those dwelling in it will be free from harm.

I honor you for your help to make me who I am.

After the last candle is lit say, “So mote it be” or whatever you say to end your spells and/or rituals.

Place the pie pan on the trivet in a safe place so it will not get tipped over, children cannot reach the flames or pie pan and there is no chance of it catching anything on fire.

Southern Hemisphere

A spell to help your gardens grow this spring helps best if performed on Beltane or in the Southern hemisphere October’s full Moon:

Easy Garden Blessing

This spell can be used on any type of plant or garden. Even on that house plant that looks a little shaggy from the winter, give it a blessing to help perk it up again.

What you will need:

1 Small Green Candle

1 Small Yellow Candle

Holders for Candles (preferably shielding the flame so it stays lit outdoors)

Lighter or Matches


In or near your garden, kneel down if you can, place green candle to your right and the yellow candle to your left. Light the candles and repeat the spell three times. If you can sit outside until the candle burns down that would be best. If you cannot sit outside let the candles burn down under supervision indoors. If you have more than one garden to bless the same candles can be used for all of them, just do not blow them out when going from one garden to another.

Mother Earth we call upon you to bless our gardens with your fertile might,

So that what we sow gives us a bountiful harvest

Ra we call upon you to give our gardens warmth and light,

So that what we sow gives us a bountiful harvest

Neptune we call upon you to rain on our garden but not enough to bring a blight,

So what we sow gives us a bountiful harvest.

Amaethon we call upon you to help make our gardens give us a bountiful harvest.

So mote it be

Copyright 2000 Lady Beltane

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