A Thought for Today

What Mabon means to me:

I was sitting in my ritual bath getting ready to celebrate our holiday and it occurred to me all the things Mabon means to me.

It means a pagan thanksgiving for all I have been given throughout the past year both the good and bad.

It means I have a chance to learn from the bad things and celebrate the good.

It means a time to celebrate life and thankful I am alive and healthy. Be grateful for being employed, having a warm dry home to live in, enough money to be able to pay bills on time, my children and grandchildren and so much more.

It means a gathering of family and friends to celebrate all the lovely bounty of Mother Earth. The older wildlife that has crossed to give way to the babies that were born. That what I planted on Ostara and Beltane have come to fruition if they were meant to be. I am not just talking plants but also hopes, dreams and goals.

It means that my mother’s passing was part of the cycle of life as I had a new grandson born in July. While I am still mourning the crossing of my mother into the Summerlands, it is getting easier for me to rejoice in all life brought her. I can rejoice in all that she taught me and that was a lot.

Remember Mabon is a time to rejoice in the final harvest that will help take us through the cold dark months to come. We are luckier then out forebears as they had to hunt and gather and make sure their crops came in healthy or some of them might perish during the cold months. We can just go to a store and get things we need and unless we are short on money we can make it through the cold months in relative comfort. No living in caves or homes that had more drafts sometimes then a fire could keep warm.

Today when you begin your Mabon ritual think back to those Pagans that paved the way for us to be able to openly worship as we want without having to hide who and what we are.

I am interested in learning what Mabon means to you. PLease share your thoughts in a comment. Thank you.

May you and yours be blessed with a boutiful harvest on this Mabon and all year through.

Copywrite 2015 Lady Beltane

A Mabon Blessing for the Harvest Feast

We gather around this table on Mabon to give thanks to and celebrate the bounty of Mother Earth, Leinster, Ra, Isis, the Moon Goddess, Meath and all the Elements.

To ask the Holly King and the Devine Mother that our pantry be full, our home warm and dry, our family be healthy and safe and that we have enough money to pay our bills.

These are our words,. This is our will. So mote it be.

Copywrite 2010 Lady Beltane