Native American Sage Sumudging


Some Native American tribes and/or nations also use Sweet Grass to bring in positive energy when sumdging. It can either be burned with the Sage or by itself after they Sage. Either way it is burned in the same recepticle as the Sage usually a shell of some kind.

Sumdging can be you to cleanse yourself and home. SOme SOlitary praticioners as well as covens use it to cleanse themselves before entering a sacred circle. It is laso used to cleanse the space they sacred circle will be made in.

4 thoughts on “Native American Sage Sumudging

  1. Not just any shell is used in Smudging. It is the abalone as its unending circle represents the unending circle of life.


  2. Somewhere on here it talks about the meaning of A’ho. It’s an intertribal word meaning “it is good.” We don’t need smib, bc it has already been heard & if it is right for us, Creator will help. If something we can’t yet see is better, we are saying, alright then. So it is said in trust, acceptance & faith that we are loved. It’s multi-purpose in that way & meaning. It brings conscious spirituality to other situations too, like giving someone help or a hug, too, whatever situation. A’ho. (PS, I saw it in search results, can’t find that place in the page tho.) ✌️


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