A Thought for Today


The Path In the Forest

In your dreams, we’ll meet and take special walks.

As Tall trees from the breeze gently sway

Morning sun will break through in shadowed streams

Wildflowers will line the way.

The path through the forest which we will be on

Will have no destination, no beginning nor end.

So each time you dream you will hear a voice

Leading you back to the same place again.

If by chance you turn away from the voice’s call

Because the pain of loss has become to great

I’ll walk further down the path a bit on my own

And find a rock on which to sit and wait.

Until the time comes, where we will walk hand in hand

once more…

by Russell Scott Steven Anderson

This is from the guest book at my mother’s funeral it made me think of all the ancestors who have gone to the Summerlands before me. How at times I listen to their counsel and other times I ignore it. Looking back I know when I have ignored their teachings and/or advice I wind up in trouble. This is the same as with my other spirit guides. I hope I have learned from lessons past to listen when being told a road to follow is the right one instead of ignoring them and going my own way into danger and/or trouble. We have guides for a reason and should always try to hear them. It maybe a random thought that comes into your mind or a gut feeling or you may hear them, whatever way you guides and/or ancestors speak to you be greatful for their counsel.

Blessed be