Saying I Love You and Good Bye To a Loved One After They go to the Summerlands Ritual

This ritual was composed by one of my novice’s Patricia. Thank you for letting me share something so personal on my website.

Done on July 13, 2015
Yesterday dad died at 11:30pm, so today I wanted to show my love and gratitude and also say good bye from my heart. I’m not ashamed to say that tears were streaming as I preformed this simple Ritual.
Out in my back yard I have three large shade trees and a bird feeder in the middle, so it’s quite busy with citers.
I choose a small spot and invite and thank each of the Watch  Towers. First the East – Air and all that pertains to it, such as birds, wind and fairies. Next South – South. I have a special Fire Dragon that guides me. Then West – Water,  Water Fairies, and North – Mother Earth.
I then called and invited my Goddess Hecate and my God Odin to please join me in my Sacred Circle… I thank them and tell them how grateful I am for their help in releasing dad from the pain of his 90 year old frail body. He is with my mom and Ancestors. [You can replace dad with the name of the loved one you lost.]
My heart can now weep, not from his suffering but from his release and peace that encompasses me..
I released and thanked with gratitude my Goddess and God. Then I released and thanked the Watch Towers, starting from the North, working counter clockwise.
As a show of my love, I left piles of birdseed in the back for the finch, blue jays, doves and quail.


One thought on “Saying I Love You and Good Bye To a Loved One After They go to the Summerlands Ritual

  1. What a beautiful Ritual. It means so much more while preformed in nature. Sorry about your dad. BlessedBe!


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