A Thought for Today



To me, a pentacle means a oneness with everything around me. The reason for this is it encompasses all the elements which we and other living things are created from. The top point spirit reminds me that the mother goddess is always with me and watching over me. When I place my pentagram on my altar I know I will be bring other living things into my circle to learn from and possibly draw some energy from for my ritual and/or spell I am casting.

What does the pentagram and/or pentacle mean to you personally?

A Definition of an Eclectic Witch


Usually eclectic witches are also solitary witches because they form they own path for spirituality and do not follow just one tradition. I have come in contact in the past with two covens of eclectic witches. Their gathering were very interesting as each esbat a different member would act as priestess and lead their ritual.

A Smudging Prayer

While smudging of self and home is use by a lot of Neo-Pagans now, it originally was a Native American cleansing ritual they used before entering their sacred circle, sweat lodges and other religious ceremonies.


A’Ho = Blessed be or So mote it or Amen or I agree with you

A’ ho is used by some of the tribes and nations but not all of them.